Wednesday, 10 March 2010

the apple musubi..

In my last post I showed you a new musubi I've been trying... Now here's the tutorial!

I did mine in the front and the slided it in the back.

You will need a fukuro obi that has at least 30cm of design on the tesaki part.

a. fold the tesaki diagonally and fan it, like in the pic below; I secured it with a small rubber band:

b. fold the rest in half and wrap it twice around your waist, finishing with the taresaki part over the tesaki part:

c. make a knot just like here:

d. bring the folded tesaki under the taresaki, but over the knot you previously made...

e. ... and then fold the taresaki part in 4 (fold in half and then again in half), putting it over the tesaki and secure the whole thing with a koshihimo:

f. unfold the rest of the taresaki...

g. ... and then prepare it just like you would for a otaiko and place the makura and part of the taresaki right over the koshihimo:

here is where you add the obiage, which I only added later - I forgot :oops:

h. continue doing the otaiko, and secure the musubi with the obijime; I forgot to take a picture of that too.

i. this is where you slide it to your back; if you didn't use padding (like me :) ), you will need to add something inside the taiko part, to make it look bigger/fluffier; I used a purse wrapped in a furoshiki:

j. lift the ends of the folded part of the taresaki, to create a pouched shape to your musubi and you're done:

If anyone feels I left anything out, please let me know. And I apologize for the non kimono presentation, but it's past 11 pm here.

I hope you'll enjoy this one :)


  1. Wow,how cool! Is this your original? Please come to my kitsuke club to instruct this obi musubi!

  2. hello shino! and thank you for your comment! it's not an original :) I saw a picture of it a while ago on Yamatoku's website ( and this is my attempt at figuring out how it was done.
    hehehhe thank you for your invitation! If I'm ever in Japan, I will gladly come :P

  3. Oh, I like this musubi! :D I haven't seen it before I think.

  4. thank you SuperGrouper! I have been looking at that musubi for a long time now.. and decided I should give it a shot! And I love how it looks with this obi!