Sunday, 7 March 2010

30th Birthday!

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After a long break, I finally got to wear kimono tonight. I went out to celebrate my 30th birthday (coincides with Hina Matsuri) with some of my friends (those who know my kimono habits).

Initially, I wanted to wear my furisode for the last time, but then decided for the more subdued early showa purple komon. This time I chose a fukuro obi that had shades of green in it and, though you can't really notice it, the white and purple obiage.

For the musubi, I decided I's give a try to Yamatoku's "How to wear townwear kimono" musubi which I named apple musubi. Still a lot of work to get the shape right, but I hope I am getting in the right direction.

More pictures on my flickr account.


  1. What a beautiful combination, suits you very well. Did you buy it on ebay?

  2. thank you very much, Rota! Yes, I bought both kimono and obi from Ryu-San on ebay, about 8 months apart from each other. And they look perfect together, in my eyes, but I am biased :)