Sunday, 4 April 2010

Fortuny Dress

I bought a habutae red silk bolt about 2 years ago and, except the occasional cut-outs for kimono sleeves, it's been staying under my bed eversince. Today, after browsing the net, I remembered one of my many forgotten projects - a Fortuny style dress.

So I cut out apprximately 6m of that red silk, and then I just twirled it and twisted it until it became a red, creased mass thing and now boils on my stove. And, because I want it to simmer at low heat, completely sunk under water, I put over a bowl.... which will probably change color, since the fabric bleeds. It's normal, given the high heat. Or at least I hope so.

15 minutes later, I turn off the heat, and now I'm waiting for the whole thing to cool down, until it's safe to handle it. Depending on the amount of creasing, I may repeat the process once it's all dried.

I will keep you all posted with everything I am doing. :) Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Hé Ume,

    How is the dress becoming?

  2. hello ROTA :) I think I finished it..:) I'm still in doubts, since I am not completely happy with how it looks, so I just might add a little something here and there. I do have pics of the process, I just didn't really have time to make a post of them yet. I will soon, I promise!