Friday, 31 July 2009

New flowers... after a long break

Well, yesterday, after a long break, I couldn't keep myself from not buying this pretty cool ensemble from Yahoo Japan Auctions:



It consists of a Michiyuki - my very first one, and what find for a first: bingata - and a sky blue iromuji.

And to top it all, I only paid JPY500, as in USD 5.30.. How could I resist? Of course, add to that the Japan Auction Center commissions and fees + shipping and it doesn't sound as cheap anylonger, but still, if I were in Japan, this would have cost me under 10 bucks.

Now I do have another 2 iromuji, but they are the common pink you can find on ebay and even though those are very nice, I don't think I can compare the color. It's completely different. You know those little girls that squeal when they find or get something they really like..? That's how I feel right now, and I am already planning coordination looking in my obi drawers. Which reminds me... I have to take a picture of all my flowers one of these days.

*Squeal some more*


  1. Yes, Yahoo Japan Auctions is a treasure chest aka 宝のたんす! I also make squeal when bidding. Over a half of my obis from Yahoo Japan auction. Good luck!

  2. foarte frumos ultimul kimono ... de fapt toate sunt frumoase pe care le ai ( ma rog care le-am vazut) ....te ajut la nod ?:)))heheh