Saturday, 8 August 2009

shiozawa hitoe and wool obi

I've had this kimono for a while and only recently learned that the way the silk is weaved comes from Shiozawa, hence it's called Shiozawa style kimono. It's hitoe and comes from a lot of three that I bought last year from Yahoo Japan. Cream background and weaving is with black and wine red.

The heat outside made me think to downgrade it a bit, by pairing it with a pink-ish wool obi, a maroon indian shawl-turned obiage/heko obi - still thinking about it - and a white home- crochetted, flat obijime, tied in a kai-no-kuchi style.

I am still contemplating whether to wear my tsuke eri or simply wear it as a yukata - maybe a BIG NO-NO but I find the idea at least interesting.

Plus, I have this furoshiki and a pair of geta (got them as trades with a fellow Immortal Geisha Forum members) planned to accessorize the entire ensemble.

I am really excited to wear this tonight. I'll post pics of the final outfit probably somtime tomorrow.

This is the "sometime tomorrow" part; I ended up wearing it as hitoe kimono with the tsuke eri and no juban. It was quite cool.


  1. "kai-no-kuchi?" That's an interesting obijime style... Are there any places with tutorials on how to tie it properly? I'd like to learn...

  2. thank you snowfox :)
    It's just a basic musubi style - for obi of course, usually used in men kitsuke. The translation is clam's mouth, if I recall correctly. I just had this flat obijime and thought it might work.

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  4. That is one gorgeous outfit!! I think that the matching furoshiki-bag is the finishing touch that makes it look so elegantly complete :)