Sunday, 30 January 2011

nontraditional kitsuke

Originally uploaded by ume bloom
Last night, while browsing youtube, found a makeup tutorial which immediately made me think "go punk!"... So I did!

I paired my omeshi yabane komon, the pale yellow haneri I got from a fellow IG member, with the golden karakusa fukuro obi... and a 3-layer skirt... and boots... and feathers...

I got all crazy and then... bang! It hit me to try and do the musubi in the front... I *was* going clubbing after all.

So there you have it: punk make-up (I love it, btw!), non-traditional kitsuke AND musubi in the front... Can it get more scandalous than that..? Oh yeah.. Forgot to take a pic of my collar.... really low tonight.
More pics:

The entire outfit:

the front musubi with the feather accent:

Any good? :)


  1. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!! :) :) :) Do you by any chance have a close up of your makeup? ;P

  2. Lyuba-chan, thank you! I don't have a real close-up, but here's the inspiring clip from youtube. It's the exact same thing, except I did everything on a white base: .


  3. What a fresh outfit. I love the bow in the front part it gives you a little freshness (I can't express it in english) My congratulations

  4. I'll say it again...I LOVE this outfit!!! The colors are just perfect on you!